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Plant protection, seedling support and safety amidst the varying weather conditions
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Our Contribution to Local Schools

At Grow your Own Northland we believe that teaching children about growing food will help them learn about the environment. Such as the best soil to use, (and manure!) importance of correct moisture, they will also learn about garden wildlife and insects and what plants grow in which seasons. It can also teach them about broader terms such as farming and cultivation, whilst encouraging them to grow and eat fresh nutritious produce.

Te Kura ā Iwi o Ōmanaia

W are greatful to have been apart of the journey in supporting the Kura with a Shadehouse to grow native tree's and revive their local rivers. Look at them grow!

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Morningside Primary School

The children at Morningside Primary Shcool plan on providing eggs to their local Pataka Kai (Food Box) where families can access their eggs free of charge. What an amazing example of compassionate service

Te Kura ā Iwi o Ōmanaia

Have been very busy utilizing their shade house and planters, and deided they needed somewhere to store their tools. Thankfully we were happy to supply them with a custom garden shed. Check out Timoti's confidence, he's ready to plant.