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                      Our companies mission
At Grow Your Own Northland we want to make the transition from reliance, to self-sufficiency as smooth as possible. We encourage individuals, companions and families to succeed through the provision of raised planters, shade houses, food storage sheds,  and various types of structures to enable competency in becoming self-reliant through growing your own fresh produce.
Our company's vision

We envisage that our contribution to society will enable growth, reduce poverty, provide a sense of security whilst enabling all cultures, ethnicities, and religions become self sufficient. We aim to achieve this by sourcing funding to promote products at a cheaper, reduced and eventually fully funded rate which will enable equality and supplication of products at no cost. We want to achieve this goal as we believe that fresh produce, and meats within our country are becoming unaffordable, which means our people are living off nutrient deficient foods to survive. We want to eliminate this stress, and create an environment with accessible healthier options.

Our company's values

We pride ourselves in catering to our customers needs. Designing quality products to suit each individuals standards, and go the extra mile to ensure our products are tailored to suit each customers lifestyle. We are big on gratitude, have great communication skills and ensure we carry out professional workmanship and morale at all times.

Our Story

Grow Your Own Northland started as a seed which was planted, nourished and thrived. OWe are a family owned company based in the heart of Northland.

We care about our environment, maintaining gardening knowledge, and the accessibility of fresh produce.

We encourage sustanibility, and strive for equality, enabling our communities to become self-reliant.

The Pandemic Inspired Change

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