At Grow Your Own Northland we have a wide range of diverse products to suit your needs. If you prefer a custom build, or wish to alter product dimensions then we can tailor inventory upon request.

Planter Placement

Take time to consider the garden style you want to achieve. Raised planter gardening isn’t just about which plants will look great in a given plot. Thoughtful placement of a raised planter can play an equally significant role in the look of your yard. Compliment your landscape and use visualise your garden as an additional décor, as once placed the time and effort spend relocating them can be a vigorous task.

The intentional Direction

Gardening in raised beds has become increasingly popular among homeowners and gardening enthusiasts due to its numerous advantages. One important aspect to consider when setting up your raised garden bed is the direction it should face how much sunlight your planter receives and how accessible it is.

Companion Planting

Companion planting is the practice of grouping plants together so they are mutually beneficial, creating an ecosystem within the garden for plants to thrive. It's a great way to repel insects, attract pollinators and beneficial insects to the garden, along with helping to improve soil fertility. It also offers spatial benefits, for example, tall-growing, sun-loving plants may share space with lower-growing, shade tolerant plants.

Our Raised Planter Tips and Tricks

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Diverse methods to fill your planters

At Grow Your Own Northland we encourage the Hugelkultur method to fill your raised planters. This mehos ensures oxygen flow, an easy drainage system, and enables your soil to retain moisture effectively during dry spells. The Hugelkultur method also provids your planter with an organic fill, utilizing readily available recycled matrials which can be surced effortlessly meaning that your soil medium costs are reduced.

Custom Fitted Red House Planter

Perimeter Shelving

Add perimeter shelving to your shade house, garden shed or hot house to finalize your build. We know you will appreciate the extra space.